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  • The Drinking Time Machine was a huge hit! We took it out on a Roadshow in Telford Town Centre (an big indoor shopping precinct) and as usual, we do not get many people dropping by to see what we are doing (as it is to do with alcohol). But when we got the laptop running and doing the time machine bit, people were getting interested – apart from the shock and ooohs and aaahs at what the look would be in 10 years if drinking at a steady higher than usual unit level, we did manage to get to talk to people about “responsible drinking”.
  • Drinking Time Machine used in Alcohol Awareness Week...Lifestyle Ageing Effects featured in Marie Claire, Australia....Drinking Mirror reaches over 515,000 downloads on the app store....Ageing Mirror now out...Tanning Time Machine on its way....
  • For all enquiries please contact Auriole or Claire t: 01242 221 774 e: Change My Face Ltd. Registered Company: 8240749

The Future of Your Face….

Oct 13th, 2011|Comments are off for this post|In Age Progression, Home

In November’s issue of Marie Claire and the Daily Mail you can see what journalist Anna Magee will look like if she leads an unhealthy lifestyle. 3 separate images show her face as a drinker, a smoker and with a...


Imagine….John Lennon at 70

Oct 12th, 2011|Comments are off for this post|In About, Age Progression

The hair has receded slightly but the trademark glasses and beaky nose are unmistakably John Lennon. An Age Progression Artist, Auriole Prince at Changemyface has marked the 70th anniversary of the former Beatle’s birth tomorrow by producing an image of...